TEPU 50A: Prototype Functional Soft Applications

Introducing TEPU 50A, a thiol-ene polyurethane-based elastomer with a medium-soft durometer with a low compression set, excellent UV stability and strong chemical capability.

Choose TEPU 50A for components that require rubber attributes such as sealing or rebound. Suitable for gaskets, grommets, door and window seals, and other similar soft rubber applications.


Elongation at Break 128%
UTS 1.79 MPa
Shore Value 49A
Compression Set, 23°C, 72 h 7.7%
Glass Transition Temp.
Tear Strength 5 kN/m


3D Printed Elastomer Applications In Automotive Manufacturing

Discover the powerful applications of TEPU 50A in the automotive manufacturing landscape. From assembly line to interior components and finishing, see this material’s exceptional properties.

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