Innovative Chemistry for Demanding Applications

Our machine vision technology removes the need for mechanical flattening, which limits the range of printable materials. Contactless printing enables the use of new materials that can meet demanding performance requirements.

From elastomers stretching over 200% to strong resins capable of withstanding up to 120°C, we can develop materials meeting a wide variety of customer needs.

Material jetting allows for the printing of parts with soft and hard materials

High-performance elastomers

Our proprietary chemistries allow us to print elastomers capable of stretching over 200%. With Shore hardness as low as 25A, our elastomers have an excellent soft-touch feel well suited for skin contact applications, seals and grippers.

High-temperature materials

Contactless printing of epoxy resins enables parts with excellent thermal and chemical resistance. These resins have high stiffness and tensile strength, retaining their properties to temperatures up to 120°C.

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