Innovative 3D Printing for Complex Engineering Applications

Inkbit’s VCJ (Vision-Controlled Jetting) technology is redefining industrial 3D printing, offering design engineers the ability to produce complex and intricate parts with precision.

With the capability to print features that seamlessly integrate into engineering assemblies, Inkbit provides a streamlined alternative to traditional component sourcing.

Custom Parts
on Demand
Print Assemblies & Overmolding: Produce assemblies and experiment with overmolding in a single print, enhancing part strength and reducing lead times.
Accurate Multi-Material Prints: Achieve detailed multi-material parts, perfect for seals and fittings that demand both rigidity and flexibility.
Rethink Component
Inkbit as an Alternative: Manufacture parts tailored to your specifications, bypassing the limitations of standard off-the- shelf components.
Integrate with Your Design: From hose barb fittings to gaskets, print components that fit seamlessly into your engineering projects.
Streamline Your
Manufacturing Process
Inkbit’s additive manufacturing aligns with the precision and speed today’s industries require. Discover how our materials, including our Titan Tough rigid materials and TEPU™ 30A and 50A elastomers, along with our rapid turnaround can be a pivotal part of your design and production strategy.

Let Inkbit be your alternative to standard component suppliers.

Create parts with the fit, function, and durability required for today’s engineering challenges.