Innovative Chemistry for Demanding Applications

New materials chemistries provide the performance and durability needed for real-world use.

VCJ removes many of the limitations that are present in other additive manufacturing technologies, allowing us to develop material families that have the properties needed for end-use applications.

From elastomers stretching over 180% to strong polymers capable of withstanding up to 120°C, we can develop materials meeting a wide variety of customer needs.

NEW Titan Tough Epoxy 85

Specially formulated for durability, Titan Tough Epoxy 85 delivers enhanced performance for applications that require both high accuracy and production-grade mechanical properties. With mechanical properties like those found in widely used AM thermoplastics, this new material is suited for applications where part tolerance stack-up challenges require individual components to be accurate, so assemblies fit together.



Titan Tough Epoxy 75

A durable and impact-resistant tough epoxy material that withstands long-term UV exposure. Ideal for applications with integrated fluid/air handling elements and assemblies with fine features and tight tolerances.


Titan Chem Epoxy

A chemical resistance epoxy material suitable for use with many organic solvents and basic solutions.  It also offers high stiffness and tensile strength, retaining its properties to temperatures up to 120° C.


Vulcan Soft Elastomer 30

An elastomer chemistry capable of stretching over 180%. With shore hardness as low as 30A, this elastomer family has excellent soft-touch feel and is compatible with skin contact applications, seals, gaskets, and grippers.


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