Innovative Chemistry for Demanding Applications

New materials chemistries provide the performance and durability needed for real-world use.

VCJ removes many of the limitations that are present in other additive manufacturing technologies, allowing us to develop material families that have the properties needed for end-use.

From elastomers stretching over 180% to strong polymers capable of withstanding up to 120°C, we can develop materials meeting a wide variety of customer needs.

Titan Tough Epoxy

A durable and impact-resistant tough epoxy material that withstands long-term UV exposure. Integrate fluid/air handling into components and consolidate assemblies with precise features and tolerances.


Titan Chem Epoxy

Our chem epoxy has resistance to many organic solvents and basic solutions.  It also offers high stiffness and tensile strength, retaining its properties to temperatures up to 120° C.


Vulcan Soft Elastomer

Our proprietary chemistries allow us to print elastomers capable of stretching over 180%. With shore hardness as low as 25A, our elastomers have an excellent soft-touch feel well suited for skin contact applications, seals and grippers.


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