Precision Solutions for Fluidics

Inkbit’s 3D printing services provide a streamlined solution for developing manifolds, valve bodies, and connectors with reduced lead times and costs compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Inkbit’s VCJ (Vision Controlled Jetting) delivers complex, high-quality fluidic components and prototypes rapidly. This advanced 3D printing technology facilitates exceptional design versatility, producing detailed channels as small a .5mm, precise threads, and organic geometries essential for sophisticated fluidic applications.

Inkbit’s Advantages for Fluidics Production

Our technology is calibrated to capture every detail accurately, enabling the production of designs with high fidelity to the original specifications.
Fast Turnaround
With Inkbit’s VCJ technology, high-quality elastomeric and rigid material parts are delivered within days.
Reduced Tooling
Our direct printing process reduces the need for traditional tooling, lowering the cost barrier for custom fluidics component production.
Print with various materials in a single process, producing parts that are ready for immediate use without the need for post-print assembly.
Inkbit’s 3D Printing services support modern manufacturing needs, providing a fast, cost effective option for producing detailed, complex, and small-scale fluidic components.